Often called the “King of Rice”, Basmati is an extra long grain rice famous for its distinct nutlike flavour, delicate texture, and standout aroma.


What makes brown rice brown? In short, it is due to the nutritionally rich brown layer of bran beneath the husks. It can be milled into white rice by removing the layer of brand, revealing the white interior kernel.


Jasmin rice, also known as “perfume rice”, is a long grain rice produced in Thailand. Jasmin rice is left to age for 6-12 months before it is eaten, and it is packaged as a brown rice, white rice and even red rice!


Wider and shorter than long grain rice, these medium rice varieties are generally 2-3 times longer than wide and average about 1/4 inch (5 to 6 mm) in length.


Organic rice is pure, high in mineral content and offers a noticeably cleaner and fresher taste than conventionally grown rice. The superiority in flavour, aroma, and consistency of organic rice varieties is distinct.


Short-grain rice has an almost round appearance. Short grain varieties are typically less than 1/4 inch (4–5 mm) long and 1/8 inch (2.5 mm) wide. These varieties become noticeably starchy/sticky when cooked.


Sticky rice is short and fat when dry, and becomes nice and sticky when cooked. Since the rice naturally becomes sticky upon cooking, it is a very simple variety to prepare. No special skills required!


Sweet rice (also known sticky rice or glutinous rice) is a type of Asian rice that is particularly sticky when cooked. Gluten-free, this rice is known as “glutinous” rice because it is glue-like or sticky.